About the Artist

Jasmine Dukes (she/her) is a Black and Puerto Rican visual artist and art therapist (MS, ATR-P) currently living and working in Florida, USA.

JDukesVisuals is a collective phrase for the artworks Jasmine creates. The ideas of nature and nurture, the evolution of self over time, womanhood and culture form the basis of her work. Jasmine's paintings are surreal, afro-futuristic amalgamations of life's subtle and overwhelming experiences. The process of creating her artworks, the final images, and reflection serves as a therapuetic method of self-care and self-love with the purpose of perpetual self-discovery and healing. Her images serve as visual milestone markers of who she was, who she is, and who she will become. 

JDukesAdornments is a collective phrase for the jewelry and accessories Jasmine creates. They are small nuances of her original artworks and serve as tangible reminders of the beauty and joy of life.

Follow Jasmine Dukes on Instagram @j.dukesvisuals and @j.dukes